Alcatel Codes By Secro or PID - instant

  1. Get and type here the IMEI number of your Alcatel
  2. Look under the battery for the provider id. If the provider id is not present type *#837# or ###837# or *#3228# and find the provider id having beetwen brackets same secro name as on phone. ex for 871A-2AALUS1 [XZ98YF40] be sure XZ98YF40 appears in string list from *#837# or ###837# or *#3228# menu !!! If is not, code could not work.
  3. Also use step 2 to match provider id in case only secro name is known. So in case secro name is XZ98YF40 you will find as corresponding provider id 871A-2AALUS1 [XZ98YF40]
  4. If seCro not found use Provider (PID)


How to find the PID on your phone. Simply take out the battery and look on the phone sticker on the back:



Any wrong code no refund !

Codes is calculated for factory, if is changed try full reset, if not work not refund!

1-5 Miniutes

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